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Rehabilitation Unit

Port Macquarie Private Hospital offers an extensive range of rehabilitation services. Our modern spacious 28 bed Rehabilitation Unit with an onsite gym and award winning design hydrotherapy pool.

The unit is staffed with a committed team of nurses and allied health professionals committed to supporting every patient and their loved ones.

Download and view our Rehabilitation Day Program Assessment referral form.

Rehabilitation Team

Our programs are managed by a team of health care professionals including:

Rehabilitation Specialists

Our unit has access to two Rehabilitation Physicians who are responsible for directing the care provided by the Rehabilitation team.

Patients are admitted under the care of a Rehabilitation Specialist. The Rehabilitation Specialist will liaise with your Surgeon or Physician, General Practitioner and other specialists to ensure effective continuity of medical care during admission and on discharge.


The Physiotherapists will assist you in improving your balance, strength, movement, flexibility, endurance, mobility and reviewing any mobility equipment if required. The physiotherapists will also design a home exercise program for you on discharge if necessary. If indicated by Physician hydro will be managed by Physiotherapist / Exercise Physiotherapist.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists will assist you in increasing your functional ability with activities of daily living. Occupational therapists can also assist you with the prescription of equipment to help you maintain your independence and increase your safety within the home.

Occupational Therapy can assist with:

  • Activities of daily living
  • Balance and endurance therapy
  • Falls prevention and everyday activities
  • Leisure activities and past hobbies
  • "getting organised" activities
  • Pain management strategies

Rehabilitation Assistant

The Rehabilitation assistant coordinates, supervises and assists with individual and group therapy sessions.

Speech Pathologist

If your medical condition has contributed to swallowing and/or communication difficulties you may be referred to a speech pathologist for assessment and management of your swallowing and/or communication function.


If you experience unintentional weight loss or if your medical condition requires diet therapy you may be referred to the Dietician who can assist with:

  • Assessing your nutritional requirements
  • Advise you about healthy food options

Social Worker

If you require information about home help/community services, or longer term assistance, you may be referred to a social worker for assessment, planning and referral. The Social Worker can assist with:

  • Patient planning for every day activity needs on discharge
  • Helping patients and families adjust to issues around disability, loss and lifestyle changes
  • Coordinate appropriate community services

Rehabilitation Nurse

Your nurses will encourage and assist you to achieve your optimal level of independence by encouraging independence and assisting with all aspects of each individuals care as required (providing suitable and enjoyable activities). They will coordinate your program and attend to any nursing requirements.

Rehabilitation Day Programs

Day Programs are offered as part of our comprehensive Rehabilitation program to help support you to achieve goals. We cater for a wide range of rehabilitation needs including post joint replacement surgery, recovery post-surgery, reconditioning and chronic disease rehabilitation. The Day Programs are run in 6 week blocks and include different allied health sessions such as Physiotherapy, Social Work, Dietician and Hydrotherapy. More than 99% of our patients who have participated in a Day Program since their commencement in 2014 report improvement in wellbeing and function. Talk to your GP about joining a Day Program to improve your function and help you meet your goals today!

Referral Process – How can I become a patient?

Rehabilitation inpatient stays or day programs require a referral to a Rehabilitation Physician from your GP.

If you have any questions about how you can benefit from admission to our rehabilitation service, please contact the Rehabilitation Nurse Unit Manager during business hours via the hospital on 02 6582 9830.


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