Port Macquarie Private Hospital
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Your Stay

For your comfort and convenience (A-Z):


There are single and shared rooms. Every effort is made to accommodate you in the room of your choice. If your preference is not available at the time of admission, your request will be met as soon as possible. All single rooms have a private ensuite.

Blood Clot Prevention

Blood clotting is the body's natural way of stopping itself from bleeding. Clotting only becomes an issue when it is in the wrong place and blocks blood flow. Being immobile is a big risk in developing a clot and so blood clotting can increase when you are staying in hospital and spending a long time immobile.

In addition, there are a number of risk factors to blood clotting including previous strokes, inherited blood clotting abnormalities, lung disease, being overweight, having had major surgery in the past, heart failure, smoking or taking contraception medications. If you have any of these risk factors, please alert your doctor or the staff.

While in hospital, staff will assess your risk of developing a clot and may ask you to wear compression stockings or sleeves, or they will provide you with blood thinning medication.

Staying mobile, taking any prescribed medications to reduce your risk of blood clotting, drinking plenty of fluid and avoiding crossing your legs can reduce your risk of clotting.

If you have sudden increased pain or swelling in your legs; pain in your lungs or chest; difficulty in breathing, please alert your nurse as soon as possible. If these symptoms occur after discharge, seek emergency treatment.

Call Button

Should you require assistance at anytime, alert the nursing staff using the nurse call button located on the bedside handset.  The handset allows you to buzz for assistance.  The call button will register outside your room for the nurse to attend.

Cancelling Your Procedure

If you have a cold, sore throat, flu, high temperature, or if you need to cancel or reschedule your surgery, please telephone us. See the next page for contact phone numbers.


There is a list of Accredited Chaplains that visit Port Macquarie Private Hospital. If you would like to have a member of the clergy visit you whilst in hospital, please advise a member of staff and arrangements will be made.

Coffee Lounge

The Holy Goat coffee lounge is located next to Reception and is open Mon-Fri between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Tea and Coffee along with light refreshments can be purchased from the coffee lounge.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs Liaison Officer

Veteran’s who are admitted to Port Macquarie are asked on admission if they would like to be visited by an officer. These officers visit regularly and are always happy to visit a veteran.

Emergency Procedures

The hospital has well organised safety and emergency procedures in which each staff member has a key role. In the unlikely event of an emergency, remain in/by your bed until a staff member arrives to assist you.

Falls prevention in hospital

Falls are one of the largest causes of harm to patients in care in Australian healthcare facilities.  In order to maintain the safety of patients whilst in hospital, Port Macquarie Private Hospital uses a number of falls prevention strategies.  Patients may become more susceptible to falling during their stay in hospital for a range of reasons, including the unfamiliar surrounds, change of medication and surgery.  During your admission you may undergo a falls risk assessment to determine if you are at risk of falling and what may need to be done to decrease this risk.  Please be sure to pack appropriate footwear when coming to hospital; patients are encouraged to wear closed, non-slip slippers.

If you are at risk of falling please ask for nursing assistance when transferring or mobilising around the room.  We encourage families and friends to participate in the falls prevention process to ensure our patients’ safety. 


A Daily Feedback Card is available when you are in hospital for you to provide comments about the service you received. We welcome your feedback as to “what we do well” and “how can we improve”.


Depending on the patient’s condition, flowers may not be appropriate. Please check with staff in the ward. It is advisable that potted plants are not brought into the hospital for infection control reasons.

It is hospital policy that NO flowers are located at the bedside of a patient in High Dependency Unit because of the electrical equipment that is in constant use in this area. If flowers are received, they will be displayed at the nurse’s desk.


A visit from a Hairdresser can be arranged at your request, please ask the staff to make an appointment for you. Payment is to be made directly to the visiting stylist.

Identification on staff

All staff wear name badges as a means of identification and internal security.  The badge shows the staff member’s photo, name and position.  If you cannot see a staff member’s identification badge you may ask them to show you.

Infection control

Hand washing, high standards of housekeeping, the use of sterile techniques and equipment are essential in order to ensure your speedy recovery and to reduce the risk of infection. Patients play a vital role in reducing the risk of infection to themselves and other patients.

Here are a few very simple guidelines.

  • Personal hygiene is very important.
  • Always wash your hands when using the toilet facilities or when leaving your room.
  • Wash your hands before any meal. Nursing staff will assist you as required.
  • Ask your visitors to wash their hands or use the waterless hand wash agents when entering your room, and before leaving.
  • When coughing or sneezing, use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth. Dispose of used tissues hygienically.
  • Nursing staff can supply you with soap for showering if you don’t have any of your own. Always keep such toiletries for your sole use.
  • Mention to nursing staff any concerns you may have regarding hygiene of the ward or bathrooms.
  • Please avoid sitting on the beds of other patients. Nursing staff are happy to provide you with a chair if required.

If you have any questions about infection control, the nursing staff will happily assist you. The Hospital’s Infection Control Coordinator is also available to answer any of your queries. Your co-operation in helping us to maintain a high standard of infection control is appreciated.

Internet Access

Wireless internet access is available for patients.  On admission you will be issued with an access card (available for 72 hours from activation).


Available on request.

Lost Property

Property remains the responsibility of patients.  Whilst every attempt is taken to safeguard property it is recommended that patients do not keep valuables with them in hospital.

Personal belongings inadvertently left after discharge will be forwarded to the front office manager.  Staff will endeavour to label any item with your name and you will be contacted to collect the items.

Mail and fax

Incoming mail is delivered to the wards daily. Any letters received after your departure will be forwarded to you at home. The postal address of the hospital is:
PO Box 718
Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Fax: (02) 6583 6355

If you have mail to post, please contact the ward clerk and this will be arranged for you.  Stamps maybe purchased from Reception.

Making a Compliant

If during your stay you experience any difficulty or problem, please bring this to the attention of the ward staff immediately. It is important that these issues are addressed early. If you would prefer to discuss an issue with staff who do not work within your ward, you can contact either the Director of Clinical Services or the CEO.

If after discussing any difficulties or problems you may have experienced at the hospital with the Director of Clinical Services or the CEO you are not happy with the response, you may contact the Inquiry Service of the Health Care Complaints Commission on (02) 9219 7444 or toll free on 1800 043 159. You may also visit their website www.hccc.nsw.gov.au.


At Port Macquarie, all meals are freshly prepared on site by an experienced Catering Team. Morning tea, afternoon tea and supper are served in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner. If your doctor approves, we are able to provide wine or beer with your meals. For health reasons, the nursing staff will monitor requests for alcoholic beverages.

Medical Staff

The doctor who admits you is responsible for your medical care while you are in Port Macquarie Private Hospital. Any questions that you have regarding your treatment should be directed to your admitting doctor. It would be helpful if you could nominate one person to be the main contact when communicating with the medical staff regarding your condition. You or your nominated contact person may find it helpful to make some notes regarding any questions you wish to raise with the medical staff.

Medication Safety

Please provide your nurse with any tablets or medicines (or prescriptions for these) that you have been taking before admission. These will be secured in a personal drug cabinet. Any additional medication you require while in hospital will be ordered by your doctor and supplied to you. When you are discharged, medications that you are required to take will be provided to you to take home.

Mobile phones

When you are admitted please ask our staff if mobiles can be used in your room. Mobiles may be used in all public areas including the coffee shop. Port Macquarie Private Hospital does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your mobile phone.

Newspapers and magazines

Each morning during the week, newspapers are delivered to all wards. If you would like a particular newspaper or magazine, please ask the Administration & Accounts Manager who will arrange if possible.


Parking for patients, visitors and staff is available at the front and rear of the hospital (entry via Parker Street at the rear of the hospital)

You are requested NOT to park in parking bays allocated to Doctors, Ambulance and in no parking areas. This ensures doctors and Ambulances always have immediate access to the hospital if required. Cars parked in disabled car spaces must display a valid permit. There is a ‘set down’ area located at the front of the hospital however this is NOT a parking area.

Patient Privacy

Ramsay Health Care complies with the Commonwealth Privacy Act and all other state/territory legislative requirements in relation to the management of personal information. Our patients can feel safe in the knowledge that we safeguard their personal health information ensuring that confidentiality is respected and information is stored securely.


Lord Street Pharmacy and Lake Road Pharmacy, an external business, provides this service to the hospital. Lake Road Pharmacy is located in the front of the Hermitage on Lake Road at the front of the hospital. On admission to hospital, please ensure you provide Health Concession Card, Safety Net details and Medicare details to staff, so they can advise the pharmacy of your details.

Lake Road Pharmacy & Lord Street Pharmacy is open to the public. Hours of operation are:
Monday to Friday 8.00am – 5.30pm
Saturday 8.30 a.m. – 12 midday

Pressure Injury Prevention

A pressure injury is an area of skin and/or surrounding tissue that has been damaged due to unrelieved pressure. They may look minor, such as redness on the skin, but can hide more damage under the skin surface.

It is important that you relieve pressure by keeping active and changing your position frequently when you are lying in bed or sitting in a chair. If you are unable to move by yourself, the staff will help you change your position regularly. Special equipment such as air mattresses and booties may be used to reduce the pressure in particular places.

Tell staff if you have any tenderness or soreness over a bony area or if you notice any reddened, blistered or broken skin.

Queries About Your Care & Healthcare Rights

If you have any concerns or queries about your care, or rights whilst you are a patient in our facilities please bring them to our attention. The nurse in charge of your area will be able to answer questions and resolve problems related to your care.


Port Macquarie Private Hospital is a smoke free campus.  Staff, patients and visitors are asked to adhere to the smoke free policy whilst on campus.

Special Diets

Catering Assistants are available to discuss special needs. A Consultant Dietician is also available for patients who require education or therapeutic advice. Please speak with ward staff if you require assistance.


You can make and receive free local calls from the telephone by your bed by dialling “0” and then the number you wish to phone.  Mobile, STD and ISD telephone calls cannot be made without the purchase of a telephone card, which can be obtained from Reception.

Calls can be made directly to the ward as follows :-

Switchboard (02) 6582 9800
Facsimile (02) 6583 6355
Oxley / Rehab Ward (02) 6582 9655 or 6582 9656
Hastings Ward (02) 6582 9700 or 6582 9701
HDU (02) 6582 9660 or 6582 9661


A complimentary television service is provided next to each bed with a single handset which allows you to select from a range of television stations.


We recommend that all your valuables be sent home as the hospital accepts no liability for items of value and cash brought into the hospital. Small items can be lodged in the hospital safe. This safety deposit facility is available at your request and arrangements for deposits may be made through your nursing staff. Do not leave items and cash unattended in your room.


The Hospital’s staff and patients need to work and be cared for in a safe environment; one that is free from violence and aggression. Physical and non-physical violence towards staff and/or others in the facility will not be tolerated. Any such acts may lead to discharge, and may result in the police being notified and legal action being taken.


Port Macquarie has a Volunteer Program. They provide a range of services, ie arranging flowers, assisting patients with mail, delivering magazines, or just being there to talk.